Do you want to improve your English?

Many speak English as a second language.

Then comes the challenge to speak it at a level that is a real asset in corporate environments.

Conversational English is a skill. It can be improved.

Yes, conversational English is much more than being able to hold a simple conversation in a shop or café.

Many expats have 10, 20 or more years of experience of working in international work environments where English was the primary language. Well, that is good for them. But what about you? How can you improve your conversational English skills?

Continuous learning for English fluency

Every week we will publish new advice and presents quizzes. These will be practical in nature and hopefully give you a-ha moments. We want to inspire you to think about words, synonyms, and be able to take your conversational English to the next level.

For native and near-native English speakers

Just like you, we learned English in school. Although that was many decades ago, we have perfected our knowledge of the English language.

We use English daily in our work and have done so for more than two decades. We actively seek out information and topics in English so as to help us keep our English at a near-native level.

If we can, so can you. It takes practise, and it takes time. But it is possible.

Welcome to Conversation Lesson Online.